"Not all little girls are princesses. Not all boys want to become policemen."

For the past 10 years you could usually find me on the shop floor of a communication agency; a logical outcome after graduating in communication studies. But something was gnawing at me inside…  

And then Lex arrived. My mini. I jumped at the opportunity to buy children's clothing, but often found nothing that pleased me. The children's clothing offered by large clothing stores in my view lacks some soul…

We are a real city family, and love the city and really enjoy going out. We fill our weekends searching for new hotspots and child-friendly places. Lex also enjoys the city. For him, it's one big playground. Attractive, trendy clothing that is comfortable to wear but still makes him stand out in a crowd is part of that. Clothing that makes him look just a bit different to the other children and clothing that shows his personality and encourages his creativity. Because why fit in if you can stand out? That’s why I went in search of a different range. Online and offline, at home and abroad.

Unique clothes that fit your mini perfectly 

Other parents sometimes react to Lex's outfits with: “Where did you get that sweater?” Or: "I've been looking for this kind of clothes for a long time!" That's how URBANminiSHOP started, because lots of parents are looking for mini attire for a big personality. This webshop is filled with attractive clothing in which kids aged 1-8 can be themselves, with sturdy fabrics that will stand up to the rough and tumble of everyday play. Attractive prints that abandon gender stereotypes. Because not all little girls want to be princesses, and not all little boys policemen.

On URBANminiSHOP you can find clothing that be worn by boys and girls. They are new, upcoming brands, locally produced by small designers. In other words: no mass-produced stuff. The virtual range will be adapted to the wishes of your mini: length, age and style. That's why you should make a profile, so that I can suggest clothing to you that will fit your mini perfectly. 

Shop offline at an online shop?

Online shopping is easy and fun, but sometimes you do want to feel, smell and try on the clothing. That's why I also regularly open the doors of URBANminiSHOP so that you can shop at our home in Mechelen. 

Would you rather shop with your girlfriends at a private party? That's also possible! Send me a message asking for a home-shopping evening and I'll bring the entire collection to your house.

Welcome and enjoy shopping,

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