Geschreven door Sarah Van Moll op 23/05/2016

Lovely pastels, tropical prints, smiley faces. This must be summer!

Enjoy our lookbook...

Mini Rodini








 Little man happy


Papu and Mainio


Cos I Said So


Agatha Cub


Agatha Cub


Papu and Mainio


Quinn and Fox


Cos I Said So


Quinn and Fox - iglo&indi


iglo and indi - repose


repose - popupshop


Mini Rodini




rylee and cru


Special thanks to our mini's: Trix, Marcel, Emilie, Elise, Finn, Jef, Lianne and Lucas. And their moms!

Firma for the beautiful location

Vanessa Stevens for the pictures

Elle et Moi for the tropical backdrop.




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